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A Must For The Websites

Responsive web design is not optional anymore. We turn your design to responsive website to achieve greater user experience on all devices and screen-sizes.

Responsive Website

Today mobile and tablet users are growing exponentially, however not all websites are optimized for mobile devices. Mobile devices are often constrained by display size and require a different approach to represent the content.

Responsive feature re-organizes your website structure automatically according to the users’ devices. Proper functioning of mobile friendly features has almost been made necessary by Google, when they changed their search algorithm earlier this year (2015). This initiative ensures higher search rankings for all websites that are fully responsive and optimized for mobile platforms.

At Vurilani, we convert your PSD design into responsive HTML5 + CSS3 code so that you have great user experience on your mobile devices and on the desktop – using the same website. Now, it’s time to build all your websites responsive.

Responsive Website

What You’ll Get

  • Cross Browser & Device Compatibility Testing

    We carefully write markup code to ensure seamless compatibility across web browsers and devices. Each site is also tested thoroughly to ensure the best look and feel regardless of the screen sizes.

  • Adapt Desktop design to Responsive

    Don’t worry if your design or PSD is not responsive. Our expert developers are well equipped to take your desktop designs and code them responsively keeping the usability in mind.

  • Fully Responsive

    Responsive web design is the present and is the future. We’ll turn your PSD design to responsive HTML5 + CSS3 code so that it resizes beautifully, regardless of the device and screen sizes.

  • Free 30 Days Support

    We provide 30 days free support for any of your project. The support includes issue fix or any minor change that you would like to implement.

Responsive Website Requirements

Desktop, tablet, and mobile design assets are essential for perfect responsive site/page and to ensure quick turnaround time. Be sure to get them from your designer!

If the mobile designs are not available but you still want a responsive website, then we will adapt the page/s basing on our internal guide. Any required adjustment will be implemented within 2 revision rounds after the submission of first draft.

Note that revision rounds do not include any major structure or design related change. Additionally, if your design doesn’t match default classes of the framework (ie. Bootstrap), we will code them with custom CSS and without overriding native styles unless you tell us otherwise.

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